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Works no longer available

Omaha Flow 2017  bronze on granite  62cm 24.5in  edition 2

Margaret Lovell presents the
commissioned work "Aspire VCSRB" 2014
to Sir Robert George Burgess,
Vice-Chancellor of the University of Leicester
on the occasion of his retirement.

Artelier I  2015 bronze on granite  1.22m 48in high  edition 6

Aspire VCSRB  2014  bronze  66cm 26in  unique  •

Brigstowe Barquentine  1993
bronze on slate  18cm 7in  unique  •

Seabound @ Omaha 2010  bronze on slate  28cm 11in  unique  •

Sail III 1972  bronze on slate 53cm 21.5in  edition 9  •

Sails 2008  bronze on slate
17cm 6.5in  edition 9

Sail II  2003  bronze on granite  96cm 38in  edition 6

Jib 1970  bronze on slate
74cm 29in  edition 6  •

Dhow 1970  bronze
82cm 32in  edition 6

Working on plaster for Spinnaker, 1968

Spinnaker 1968  bronze on granite  height 5m 16ft 5in  unique  •

Mantis 1969  bronze on stone  height 1.38m 4ft 6in  edition 6

Spinnaker 1967  bronze on timber 51cm 20in  edition 6  •